Sweetwater Farms…where empowerment grows!

Sweetwater Farms is an extraordinary place designed to nurture one’s soul. Come and explore nature, engage with remarkable animals, increase the daily intake of physical activity for your whole family, discover more about who you are and what you love and your natural instincts to extend love and kindness to others.

We Have Something For Everyone

SWF Something For Everyone

Along with plenty of wide open spaces for children to explore, we also have several natural play areas designed to help children increase physical activity as well as have lots of fun. Sweetwater kids come in all sizes and so we have made sure to offer different learning experiences for children of all ages. In addition to having an abundance of farm fun, children as well as adults, can enjoy interacting with the most beautiful, loving, and peaceful animals in the world!

Special Occasions

Ideal for birthday parties, graduation parties, and family reunions.

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Explore, relax, and breathe.
Ideal for everyone!

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14412 Beatties Ford Rd
Huntersville, NC 28078