BREED: Mixed Breed Pony

HER MOTTO: With hope, miracles happen.

ABOUT SHILOH: Shiloh means peaceful and she has been a wonderful gift to us on the farm. She is one of our many rescued animals. Watch her incredible journey from neglect to finding love and her place of belonging on Sweetwater Farms.  Shiloh’s video



BREED: Miniature Horse

HER MOTTO: Some lead. Some follow. I create my own path.

ABOUT PEACHES: Peaches is one of the most intelligent and respectful animals at Sweetwater Farms. She knows who she is and looks no further.



BREED: Pot Belly Pig

HER MOTTO: Don’t worry. Be Happy!

ABOUT ISABELLE: Isabelle loves a good rooting adventure and then to cool off in her swimming pool before an afternoon nap on her sawdust beach. Ahh…the life of a pig!



BREED: Mixed Breed Chickens

THEIR MOTTO: Live and let live!

ABOUT THE CHICKENS: We have 3 different varieties of curious and fun-loving chickens living in our Sweetwater coop. All of them are rescues and have found a forever home here at Sweetwater Farms!



BREED: Rocky Mountain

HIS MOTTO: What you believe—you become.

ABOUT BLUE: Blue can do just about anything. He can pull a cart, walk in a parade, plow a field, or carry a two year old on his back with surprising gentleness—and, he’s one of the sweetest animals on the farm.



BREED: Miniature Horse

HER MOTTO: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

ABOUT ROSEBUD: Rosebud is the daughter of Peaches and one of the most resourceful animals on Sweetwater Farms. If there’s something she wants, not much can stand in her way from getting it.



BREED: Pot Belly Pig

HIS MOTTO: Do the right thing…even when no one is looking!

ABOUT DEWEY: Dewey is the son of Isabelle and clearly she raised him right. He is a respectful, obedient, sweet little guy that loves basking in the sun on a warm day.

Sassy and Annie


BREED: Ancona Duck

THEIR MOTTO: Home can be anywhere as long as you’re loved.

SASSY & ANNIE: We sent out a request to the universe for a small animal to come to the farm (we were thinking more along the lines of a rabbit) but instead came Sassy, a month old, blind duck. We soon realized that she was quite capable of taking care of herself but all she really needed was a friend. Carolina Waterfowl Rescue answered our request and so Annie came home to Sweetwater Farms to be a forever friend to Sassy.



BREED: Halflinger

HER MOTTO: Even on a cloudy day, the sun is shining somewhere.

ABOUT SUNNY: What a joy it is to have Sunny with us at the farm.  Halflinger’s were originally bred between Austria and Italy as a sturdy mountain pack horse but today they are known for their peaceful temperament while carrying a rider or pulling a wagon.



BREED: Miniature Sicilian Donkey

HIS MOTTO: Me…is all I need to be!

ABOUT PEE WEE: Pee Wee is one of the characters in the Sweetwater storybooks and the biggest practical joker on the farm. Even when he’s mischievous, it’s hard not to laugh.



BREED: Miniature Goat

THEIR MOTTO: When you’re curious you find lots of interesting things to do. (Walt Disney)

ABOUT CORDUROY, FAITH, DENNY, AND MERRY:  Families can come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors and that sure does hold true for the caprines at Sweetwater Farms. Two brothers and two sisters make up our little goat family and they couldn’t be happier sleeping in their charming goat house or checking out the activity on the farm as they lay under their umbrella in their own backyard.